Sunday, March 28, 2010

The most dangerous city in the country meets the gospel 2010

A Dangerous School in New Orleans from Curtis Allen on Vimeo.

I can't believe I get to go to New Orleans and go into public high schools and share a message of hope to kids who's life trajectory is death, pregnancy and prison. At a couple of points I was almost in tears when I would see the faces of kids who I was told never sit quiet in an assembly for longer than seven minutes, sit and listen to me talk for 50 minutes so quietly that a sneeze seemed interruptive. It was insane the kind of response I was getting. It was humbling that I was getting that kind of response. I only hope that some heard and remember Jamal.

The above video is the beginning of one of talks I did at a pretty dangerous school. Its a school where the grades are so poor that the state of Louisiana took jurisdiction of the school from the city. It is called a recovery school. Nonetheless as hard as the staff may be trying to recover the school, the competition of a culture and neighborhood pulls at them screaming "IT'S DUMB TO BE SMART!" I pray that some realize that in the real world it is quite the opposite. May the gospel change the direction of all of them.

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