Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saying goodbye to Blogger

C'est la Vie! I have decided to graduate from and travel to a different site to host. As I am releasing a new album I thought it time that I re-connect with the world through a site that looks and feels different from where I have generally gone as an artist. Life is a bit different now and as a pastor I feel its time to move on from here. I can now be found at for all words, flix and verbs. I will be using this site from now on so this will be my last post here. I may take a few posts from here and re-post them but that is the extent of which I will do here. So thank you blogger! You have been a good friend but now I'm moving on.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is the world coming to?

I still can't believe this video. I was a HUGE Scarface movie fan because at the time in my life when I was really into the movie I was a go hard gangsta in the streets. At one point in my life I would've said this was my favorite movie. Even Jay Z said "Scarface the movie did more than Scarface the rapper to me..." Having said that, and knowing the wickedness that this movie has made into pop black culture, I was shocked to see this kids play re-enacting the movie. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!!!!!

Pictures of grace

How often do you really get to do what you want to do? When I was in New Orleans I was able to do just that! Also while in New Orleans I got to shoot half of the music video for Whatever It Takes, the single I released for Josh Harris but that will also be on my album "Christ The King" coming in May 2010.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The most dangerous city in the country meets the gospel 2010

A Dangerous School in New Orleans from Curtis Allen on Vimeo.

I can't believe I get to go to New Orleans and go into public high schools and share a message of hope to kids who's life trajectory is death, pregnancy and prison. At a couple of points I was almost in tears when I would see the faces of kids who I was told never sit quiet in an assembly for longer than seven minutes, sit and listen to me talk for 50 minutes so quietly that a sneeze seemed interruptive. It was insane the kind of response I was getting. It was humbling that I was getting that kind of response. I only hope that some heard and remember Jamal.

The above video is the beginning of one of talks I did at a pretty dangerous school. Its a school where the grades are so poor that the state of Louisiana took jurisdiction of the school from the city. It is called a recovery school. Nonetheless as hard as the staff may be trying to recover the school, the competition of a culture and neighborhood pulls at them screaming "IT'S DUMB TO BE SMART!" I pray that some realize that in the real world it is quite the opposite. May the gospel change the direction of all of them.

Once again it's on!

Man it has been forever since I posted. Primarily because I just don't assume that everyone wants to or is reading what I write. Another reason why I don't have a Twitter by the way. However I am back and it could possibly be due to the fact that my buddy Josh Harris posted a song I did for him about his new book called "Dug Down Deep" that is out now. excellent read I might add too!! Also it could be that I am releasing a new project this May called "Christ The King" around the time of the Next conference. I am sure that plays a role as to why I am deciding to begin writing again. With all of the above as a motivation I hereby declare once again it's on!