Thursday, May 21, 2009

The most dangerous city in the country meets the gospel

I had the distinct privilege of going to New Orleans this past April to be a part of an annual movement to share the gospel. N.O. is currently the most dangerous city in the country and after having been there for a week I can see why. Pre-Katrina N.O. was already a dangerous city. Post Katrina, depending on who you ask, is even more dangerous. I was brought in by an organization to go into multiple schools, mainly high schools, and do presentations for a class period. Class periods are usually about 40-60 minutes and you got all eyes on you. Because I couldn't share the gospel I used my life story to illustrate how I was deceived by living the street life. My theme was how everybody talks about being real but nobody talks about the real consequences for being real. I highlight my time in jail and how the streets were no where to be found when I needed help. I say "so much for being real" often as I show the irony in having the perspective these kids have growing up. God gave me a lot of grace as I kept some of the most difficult youngins' attention span for the full presentation. attached is a brief video to show what i was doing there. =)

iTunes, Tunecore and Me

My new album "a theist" is now on iTunes and other digital outlets. I love the process in which to place your music on all of these digital outlets. Through Tunecore your project is submitted and then they handle getting to all of the outlets that your music would be distributed on. All of this for a small fee and then you deal directly with your vendors to get what you sold each month. AMAZING!!!!!!! This company alone is the new record label. All aspiring musicians that want to put their music out for the public to get please go to and you can thank me later.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shameless Plug

I am releasing a digital only album this month. It has been sent into iTunes already and I am awaiting them to put the album up for sale. This is a 14 song project called "a theist." I have been a bit low key lately so I hope to be able to connect with people when it comes out. Thank you in advance for those of you who have supported my music and i hope this album will encourage you and keep within the vein of what you have already been exposed to and liked. Thanks again. If I find a way to put music on this blog I will put some songs on here to give you a sample.

I hear Voice, do you?

It has been a long time since I have had a significant online presence. I actually wasn't going to have one either but I AM STILL MAKING MUSIC and have lately been asked about having a website. My last one I loved very much but the url got to someone else before I could renew. So here I am with a blog, a bunch of new vids and pics, and some perspective to talk about. I will be, as best as possible, posting all things related and unrelated to Voice. Please feel free to comment on whatever you would like. Lastly, this picture was of me at one my first concerts as a Christian rap artist. This was May '05 @ UMBC in Maryland. If for no other reason I put this up just to remind me of how this all began and how grateful I have been to have been able to make music for something other than myself and my selfish desires and goals. All the while, strengthening others to know and love God.  I pray that this site is an encouragement to you!